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What 90% of the brides want in a Wedding Photographer

I have had the pleasure and honour of taking and recording more than 1500 weddings in our wedding photography career. The one “request” from all bridal couples and more specific wedding brides is : “I want a more “photojournalistic style”.

The irony is that we at iWedding Photographers have the ability to adapt our style to match each of our client’s requirements. Yes, we do shoot photojournalistic… I do advice my clients the following.

Wedding Photojournalistic StyleAll brides are truly amazing and beautiful. No matter what shape size or height. Our job as professional photographers is to find the beauty in each bride and show it of in our creation of wedding photo ART. Professional wedding photographers must have the ability to shoot at any wedding location in the world. The ability to walk into any given situation, setup the shot and get the most amazing wedding photos that each brides want from her professional wedding photographer.

We have the ability to showcase your beauty as a bride. By using subtle “direction, prompting” and “placement” we create our own “magic faster and more often. We do no have to wait all day to get that wow image. We get that shot…

The following is a description of Wedding Photojournalist.


A wedding photojournalist is a person who takes photographs during a wedding using an alternative approach where wedding photos are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion. Much like photojournalists for the media, wedding photojournalists present the story of the day through their photographs. A wedding photojournalist typically shoots images quickly using available light or on-camera flash rather than using traditional, formal posing techniques and studio lights. The phrase wedding photojournalist has been in vogue for at least 10 years and has now become almost synonymous with normal wedding photography.

Wedding Photojournalism is characterized by its candid, creative and natural results spanning serious to humorous scenes. While traditional wedding photography dictates the setting, a wedding photojournalist documents the moment as it naturally happens.

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