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What are you paying for when you contract a professional wedding photographer in Perth?

One question that all brides seem to ask is: “ Why is wedding photography in Perth so expensive and what do I get for my hard earned dollars?”

Wedding Photography in Perth of bride

The short answer is.. You do not buy digital prints. You buy the creativity, skills, experience and believe it or not, the photographers personality. You

also buy the skill and expertise in having your wedding photographs professional edited. On the day 50% of the magic in your wedding photos are created. Yes, we aim to shoot 80% of our wedding photographs in camera correct with just minor adjustments and retouching required.

You might be able to get the album, the design and the color that you wanted BUT the real quality of your wedding album lays in your professional Perth wedding photographer. Our skilled iWedding Photographer will be able to create not only a wedding album but also capture the emotion, the magic and the candid side of your wedding day. We will capture the day in a way none of your guest have experienced it. If you buy on price and budget shopping, I will bet my money on disappointment when you get your photos.

I do encourage you to look around what is available for your wedding day in Perth, BUT when it comes to a wedding photographer in Perth, you will find you can in trust iWedding Photographer with your memories and dreams… For all your wedding photography in Perth, please feel free to contact us!

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