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Why Book a Professional Wedding Photographer?

The following question truly amuses me.

Why should I book you instead of the guy down the street that charges me only $1000? Even better one is “Uncle Vinnie can take the photo’s with his digital camera…”

The short answer is “ You get ME!” Yes, me. I’m a professional wedding photographer with more than 12 years experience. I’m an artist that creates digital ART of your wedding photos. We create digital masterpiece prints that will be proudly displayed in your new home.

Wedding Photographer in PerthIf you are prepared to roll the dice and gamble on your once in a lifetime wedding experience and memories, go for it. We are then not the Wedding Photography studio for you. We do not gamble with your wedding memories. We create ART for you from your wedding photos.

Our packages are designed to provide both affordable wedding pictures and true value for your wedding photography budget. We use only the latest and best equipment on the market. (Please feel free to visit our equipment list) Granted, you do not always need the most expensive and best equipment to take amazing wedding photographs BUT it do give you an advantage in situations where others can not take wedding photos.

As professional wedding photographers we have the experience and knowledge to know how to handle any situation. We carry double kit. Yes, we have double equipment just in case something happens. Accidents do happen. I had one of my cameras “bumped” of a reception table by accident. I cried for a minute inside myself and then continued to take great wedding photos with my back-up camera.

One comment worth noting is that the wedding industry is made up of lots of individuals who lead double lives, people who have Monday to Friday jobs and work weddings on the weekend. Many of these people are very talented and you may get a much better price from someone who does not have the overhead costs of a storefront location. In the world of photography this means that businesses with a studio in the high rent district part of town will probably be more expensive than a photographer who works out of his or her home.

Whether you go with photographer with a storefront location or one who works freelance, you just need to check his or her work. Quality and consistently delivering exceptional wedding photographs is the key. We go by the motto:

“You are only as good as your last shoot.”

As a professional wedding photographer in Perth, we know where are some great wedding photo locations to take some amazing wedding photos. You get what you pay for. All our images are professionally edited to our high standard to make your selection from.

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