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Your wedding day in a few seconds

This is a short reflection on how your wedding day will feel like.
Your wedding day will feel just like a big blur of time rushing by and memories being created in seconds.

Your wedding day:

It’s your bridesmaid’s arrive
It’s your hairstylist arriving
It’s your make-up artist arriving
It’s the flowers arriving … The ribbon for your car..
It’s the dressing of the bride …
It’s that stolen glimpse of time between farther and daughter
It’s the rush to church to be on time.. Down the aisle to you’re soon to be husband
It’s the “I Do’s”!
It’s the rose pebbles floating down around you as you leave church
It’s flashing memories of wedding location photography
It’s your entrance to the music of choice
It’s your first glass of champagne as a married wedding couple
It’s your first dance
It’s cutting of the cake, the garter, the throwing of the bouquet
It’s catching up with friends and family not seen in years
It’s time to say good buy
It’s time to go to your honeymoon suite and relax …
It’s ALL OVER … for now. Time to start a lifetime of memories together.

All this will happen in a blink of an eye. The wedding photos we create on your Wedding day will tell your story as directed and planned by you for months. We will tell the story in a way not seen by family and friends with our wedding photography skills. All in a way that is unobtrusive, natural and emotive …

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