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Wedding photography in Perth of our first Chinese wedding

Chinese Wedding Photographers in Perth

I love my job! As a wedding photographer in Perth I have the privilege of meeting and learning from so many diverse cultures. Coming from a diverse country like South Africa and Australia, you get to learn to appreciate and understand every couples religion and background.

wedding in the swan valley

Swan Valley wedding

When I met Billy and Destiney the one attribute that impressed me was their complete respect and humbleness for each other and the people around them. It reflects in the love for each other. Nothing beats true love. Reflection of each others love .. captured for live.

Wedding photography has become a true art form. With a couple like Destiney and Billy we where able to enjoy and practice our art form to its capacity.

The irony was that very few of their wedding party could speak English. I asked the bride to give me a quick crash course in a few Chinese words. I cheated by writing a few basic words on the back of my hand.

Look: Pronounced : Excuse the way it is written : MONGI

Thanks: Pronounced :Mmguy

Smile: Pronounced: Sheaw

One more : Pronounced : Chi Lie

Loved the red envelopes that was given to some selected guest, family and friends. Later in the night when I returned to our studio, I found that each envelope was filled with cash. Thank you for blessing our studio!

We managed to take some great photos of the wedding couple. Billy and Destiney thank you for sharing your big day with us!  Please feel free to view our Gallery.  All images are provided to our wedding couple. We also design wedding albums to suite each clients need, style and budget.

Wedding Photographer Perth: Frans du Plessis

Wedding couple: Destiny and Billy

Venue: Guilford

Church: St Matthew’s Anglican Church

Wedding Photography locations:             Swan Valley | St Matthews Anglican Church.

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