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Beach wedding photography of Tom and Fiona in Margaret River, Perth, WA.

We love the barefoot bliss of a beach wedding. When Tom and Fiona first visited our studio in the north of Perth, it was evident that this would not be a normal wedding. Wedding Photography in Margaret River was always one of my dreams. Not only have we booked 3 weddings in less than a month from each other down South, we managed to secure the beach wedding of Tom and Fiona.

Beach Wedding Couple

Bridal couples walk on Smith Beach, Margaret River


A “native” Margaret River wedding can only be planned with great care. It’s as good as planning a destination wedding, because most of the wedding planning would have had to be done from afar. Being over three hours drive out of Perth it can only be successful with great planning and a lot of guts!

The couple wanted a place that would be easy to travel to, but still give their guest the feeling of being somewhere far away. The bride and groom have envisioned a barefoot wedding on a private beach. The wedding couple chose as a wedding venue Smith Beach Resort.

Smith Beach Resort in Margaret River was the first and only choice for Tom and Fiona. The lone private white beach made it the perfect wedding venue location. Gorgeous set in a small bay with a small path leading down to the white beaches.

We drove down South early the morning from Perth to reach Margaret River after a three hour drive. Our first stop was at Smith Beach resort. We wanted to have a look at the setting as rain was predicted for the day. On the way down it was raining in patches. A quick look around and we had enough places to shoot should the rain try and spoil our beach wedding.

We started our photo session with Tom and his best men. They where all very busy making the last few preparations. The whole morning it was raining on and off. We then continue our coverage of the wedding by shooting Fiona’s preparations.  Great fun!

Fiona made her barefooted entrance just as the rain started falling. The celebrant did a great job by getting the formalities done as fast as she could.  The couple exchanged their vows on the private beach. The sound of the light crashing waves in the background added to the atmosphere. A light drizzle started to fall in the protected bay.  Nothing could stop the bridal couple from getting married. Tom light a unity candle with special engraving in memory of his mother during the wedding ceremony.

As wedding photographers in Perth we have the privilege of shooting in some of the most amazing sceneries. Fiona’s choice did not disappoint us!  The guest was treated to some drinks after the wedding. We had about 10 minutes on the beach as the rain started to fall a bit to hard to the liking of the bride and our wedding photography equipment. We went to our back up plan and shot some photos with the couple under drier conditions.

The reception was filled with lots of fun and laughter. The night was concluded with Tom and Fiona having a blast on their wedding day. Thank you for in trusting us with such a wonderful days memories.


Bridal couple on Smith Beach, Margaret River, Perth, WA

Margaret River wedding photographer on Smith Beach, WA


Wedding Photographers : Frans

Wedding Venue : Smith Beach Resort

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