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Wedding photography of Robin and Craig in the Swan Valley in Perth

I had the privilege of photographing Robin and Craig’s wedding on a hot Saturday in January in the Swan Valley in Perth. A lot can happen in a few hours, the weather can change from Sunny to severe heat touching on 40 degrees plus.

Wedding photography at Stewarts at Brookleigh in Swan Valley

Did it have any impact on this couple? No way, they took it in their stride and just went with the flow. Craig arrived in style with a limousine from Lavish Two (Small charter vehicles). With a brief photo shoot of around 15 minutes with just the boys we managed to capture the groom and his best men in all their glory.

From Brookleigh Estate we went to take a few photos of where Robin awaited her stretched chariot. Managed to get a few photos taken before she got inside the air-conditioned limousine. One thing I did take note of was that I did need her brother. He was a joke machine and could get Robin to break out n laughter by just looking at her. Robin looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress.

The ceremony was held outside in the gardens of Stewarts at Brookleigh. Stewarts at Brookleigh had all the tick as a wedding venue in Perth. Set in the shadows of the castle like house, it created the setting for a great wedding. The grape vines and horses just set the mood.

Not even the heat could dampen the bridal couples spirits. My new flash burnt out from the heat. I only took around 40 shots but the heat did not help. The wedding videographer almost fell over due to the heat. After the ceremony everyone was in shade and having some well-disserved ice-cold refreshments. The trick was to shoot all the family photos in the shade and try and not move the bridal couple too much around as the slightest movement would just make everyone more tired and exhausted from the heat. Was fun!

What a wedding. After the photo session the celebration started. Great music, great food, awesome family and friends and a celebration that gets a 10 out of 10. Past Idol Finalist provided the music…

Robin and Craig many thanks for everything. Was my privilege to be part of your wedding celebrations. You booked me a year ago on the Swan Valley Bridal expo. Thank you for in trusting your wedding day to us.

Wedding photography at Stewarts at Brookleigh in Swan Valley



Wedding Photographers : Frans

Wedding Venue: Stewarts at Brookleigh

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