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The Art of a Wedding Photographer


Wedding photography in Perth is a great career. Unfortunately, with digital photography, there are more and more amateurs posing as professionals out there. Unfortunately tainting an amazing art form.

Wedding couple

Wedding couples first honeymoon kiss

What a lot of brides and grooms only see is an amazing wedding album. The purpose of this short article is just to provide you with a brief look into a life of a ”good “and passionate wedding photographer.

What our clients see. An amazing album filled with images to die for. Yes, 4 to 8 weeks after your amazing wedding you have your custom designed album in your hands. You gladly showcase it. Please continue to market our business.

The groom’s thoughts: “ I could have bought a few extra beers with the photographers fees.

The bride thinks: This is my fairytale wedding. I love my photos!

But what went into producing such a stunning award winning wedding album in Perth?

As a wedding photographer you learn you art not in the classroom but mostly behind your camera clicking away. Yes, you need to learn good understanding of photography and the theory behind it but I found that giving our photographers on-the-job experience provide them with by far better technical skills. You train your eye to see those special moments. Besides investing thousands of dollars into the most advance equipment money can buy, professional photographers like us travel across the world to study our art from true masters in wedding photography.

Looking forward to sharing your wedding day with you.

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