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Why pick a professional wedding photographer in Perth,WA ?

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When it comes to planning a wedding, naturally it can turn out to be a very expensive endeavor, so it is also a natural thing to try and save on costs wherever possible. Unfortunately at times the shortcuts that people try to take thinking it would be an okay road to go down, leads only to pure disappointment and disaster on a day that is meant to be one of the most important and memorable days of your life. One of these shortcuts unfortunately for some, is who takes the pictures and video of your beautiful day. When it comes to wedding photography and wedding videos some people may think, hey that’s simple enough, point and shoot right? Couldn’t be further from the truth!

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Let’s try looking at it this way … the question has been popped and now you are in full arranging mode for that “special day” … you spend hours picking your perfect dress (and spend lots of money) and the colours of your bridesmaid’s dresses and what the groom and grooms men will be wearing to match and then there is the hours spent picking that perfect cake and the perfect wedding venue and the invitations and the reception venue, table settings and lets not forget the ideal flowers for yourself, bridesmaid’s and both venues and then there is the transport to get you to your wedding day, need I go on … Now think of all the effort that is put into the day that you want to go sooo perfectly and be sooo beautiful and definitely memorably.

When you think of it like this, who would you prefer to trust with the “continued” memory of “Your Wedding Day“? Would it be just someone in the family or a family friend, or someone with a little bit of photography experience? No I didn’t think so, for when one truly thinks of it and looks at the “big picture”, one will very quickly realise this is one of the areas that you plan for your special day, that you would definitely NOT cut corners on … for not only is an experienced professional wedding photographer amazing at what they do, it is their job and their reputation, but even beyond that it is their passion, photography is something they love and breathe and turning a picture that taken by most would be just that, a picture, they turn it into a true work of art.  By paying that little bit extra to capture the true beauty of your special day, not only will you be grateful you did, you will have pictures that you can not only look back on to remember, but that will bring your wedding day back to life for you each and every time, through the beauty and pure magic that they create and bring to life in their breathtaking wedding pictures and videos!

So when you ask yourself or are asked the question…. why spend that on a wedding photographer? I believe your answer to yourself and anyone else will be a very simple one!


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