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You might be nervous when you are looking for a wedding photographer in Perth, because  there are some stories out there that will make you think twice on who you choose. There are a few options, large franchises or the small boutique artists. No matter which path you go down, there’s a certain amount of risk that you set yourself up for.

Groom helping..his wife

Take this for example. A friend of mine had their ultimate dream wedding in Perth planned right down to the minutest detail. It was almost like a military operation. The one thing they couldn’t control was the photographer.

You see, the photographer seemed to have their own agenda. It wasn’t their wedding, it was her photo shoot. This meant that she was anywhere and everywhere during the day doing what she wanted to do to get the right shot, which wasn’t always what was best for the wedding party. This meant doing things like standing in front of important guests, placing equipment in awkward positions and interrupting the flow of the day’s events by moving around and making noises. To make things worse, she showed up in a ripped and daggy tracksuit at a wedding she was supposed to be a professional at! This also means for the rest of her wedded life the bride needs to answer questions like ‘who’s that random in the tracksuit?’ when she shows anyone her wedding video.

Another case is when I was involved in the bridal party myself and our photographer insisted on doing staged photos all day, many times interrupting moments which could have made quite beautiful candid shots. You know the drill. Comments like ‘look at each other and pretend you said something funny. Seems OK at the time, but whenever I look at that shot now, I can see in my eyes, (and most importantly in the bride’s) that there was nothing behind that big cheesy grin. I know there was nothing funny, and there for it’s not a captured moment, it’s just a cheesy staged photograph. Looking through the film of the day I realise, there were may beautiful and memorable moments, but they were just never captured on film.

Bride on her wedding day

So what then is the result? Well, if you ask the bride’s from either of these two weddings, you’ll get a feeling of disappointment. The idea that they wasted their big day on a bad photographer. They can’t love their photos, because it reminds them of the bad photographer. Don’t get me wrong, they loved every other part of their wedding, but it’s a big let down when they can’t relive the memories in the way that a good photographer would allow them to.

These kind of problems are easily solved by discerning a good wedding photographer from a great wedding photographer in Perth. Those photographers I mention probably had good photos, and were good photographers. But in  times like these, good, well, is just good. You want great. And great photographers in Perth are sometimes hard to come by.

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