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Wedding photography of Anika and Greg

We are in the middle of summer, it’s cold, it’s hot, it’s windy its raining in January! What weird weather we are having in Perth? As wedding photographers you are normally prepared for all events and weather. Early January and the wedding season is slowly starting to pick up momentum for 2012. Before you know it, we are shooting a Windy Summer Wedding.

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Brides "French Connection"

Not just any wedding. It is the wedding of Anika and Greg. I first met Anika and Greg when they visited our studio. It was very easy to spot that they are so in love with each other.  I really wanted to shoot a stunning couple like Anika and Greg. I knew I could work some magic with them.

After a few discussions, mails and details shared, the wedding agreement was signed, retainer was paid… we had an awesome bridal couple to photograph.

Just a bit about the bride and groom on the day. Greg is an architect working in Perth on the multi million-dollar Perth Arena. When I first arrived at the grooms dressing, it was all relaxed and no stress. Greg was alone and his best men went out to buy the biggest and longest bread roll they could find. (Will put a few photos up of how well Greg LIMBO!) Greg is just one of those guys. No stress and so easy to connect with. Can I put your brand new shiny watch on a rock? No problem. That’s just the attitude Greg has. No problem. Get the photographs no matter what. When the rest of the men arrived it was time to get into the action. From catching Nick plundering the food closets to Greg doing an awesome limbo underneath the longest bread roll I have seen.

Anika is a physiotherapist. The couple met each other at university at the health booze-up or better described by Greg as the meat market in his speech later the night. Who would have thought that pushing into a line at the bar would land him his dream wife? She berated him for pushing into the line and silenced Greg by simply placing her hand over his mouth.

Anika was a jewel. Not one complaint. I even did a speed shoot of just 8 minutes at UWA. I warned them that I would be shooting different to what I have been the whole day as the limo driver needed to get them to their reception at Aqua Viva on time, leaving us with just 8 minutes to complete our last location shoot. They all agreed and… GO! Was awesome! Everybody was on the ball and reacted to every instruction like lightning. Giving me the bragging rights to some amazing wedding photos. This was such a fun bridal party!

An awesome wedding and evening! Loved every minute of it. Thanks to the groom’s man and brides maid that brought me a cup of coffee and sugar at 11pm at night. Many thanks for the privilege of allowing me to be part of your day. Enjoy Bali.

Best wishes.

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