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Wedding photography in Perth of Indian wedding couple | Kings Park and Reception Bridgeleight

When I got the call for our first Indian wedding photography session in Perth, I was very excited. I have seen some Indian photography of a well-known photographer friend of mine in SA. He won a few awards with the wedding photos he took.

Wedding Photography of Indian bridal couple in Perth

Being someone that loves a challenge. I challenged myself to match or try and exceed what my friend has achieved.  We have never done a Indian wedding. I new the traditions and learned a lot of the culture of Indian people when I was in India for two weeks.

The one golden point I always try and get my photographers in Perth to do , is to meet with the bride and groom before the wedding. Not even so much as to get the information and run of the wedding day, more to gel and get to know each other. You will be spending 6 to 15 hours in each other’s company. I found I could get more wow images this way.

Having not met the bride or groom before the wedding, it took me the first 30 minutes to win their trust. In this period I have not taken 1 picture! The couple was set on getting their photos taken in Kings Park. I was at Kings Park earlier the day as it was raining heavily and just wanted to work out a contingency plan should we not be able to take the wedding photos in Kings Park or Matilda bay.

I managed to convince the bride that I could get more natural looking photos and more beautiful photos by doing simple placement, shooting “documentary” with a little direction. Keep in mind that there are very few professional models that are brides and grooms.

I did some great placements and let the bride and groom work their magic. The love and feeling you could see in each click we took. The way they expressed their love to each other was amazing. You could see how in love they are. I loved the traditional Indian dress and henna tattoos.

We finally managed to find some tall grass. Coming from Africa, we love shooting in nature and the surroundings. The bride and groom basically would do anything we asked them. The images just show you how much fun we had. We had an hour between the photography in Kings Park, The Blue Boat house and the Reception at Bridgeleigh.

Thank you so much for intrusting your memories with us. I’m sure you can see your time and effort was well invested with us. Looking forward to entering some of the your photos into competitions in Perth, Australia and international.

Perth Wedding Photographer: Frans

Venue : Bridgeleigh

Photography locations: Kings Park, Perth & Blue Boat house in Matilda Bay

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