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How much does a good Wedding Photographer Cost in Perth and Australia?

In today’s modern worlds most couples can see the value in having a good wedding photographer documenting one of the biggest days in their lives in Perth. Wedding photos ranks amongst the top 4 providers brides do the most research on and almost 99% of the time use. Main reason is that the wedding photos will be one of the few tangible products that the couple will intend to keep for a lifetime.

One of the main factors bridal couples look for in wedding photography is price. We highly recommend you to visit iWedding Photographer before you make a uniformed choice of photographer.

There are a few factors that Perth wedding photographers base their wedding photography price list on. Professional photographers always look at their experience, availability, professionalism, equipment and cost of producing the final product.

Wedding photography basically has four sectors that photographers can be divided in. This is the wedding market segment these photographers shoot in.

Budget weddings – Below $1,000

You can expect weekend warrior photographers that shoot and burn in this market. We have business partners that do deal with this market. We will look at this market if it is last minute wedding photography and we are free for that day. You will typical receive a high resolution DVD with around 120 to 300 images on. We always edit all out images but this may differ from providers, as some photographers do not edit their images. (Not recommended!) Coverage is normally 1 to 4 hours.

Middle Market – $1,000 to $3,000

Photographers normally will compete in this market more as this seems to be more the going rate in the wedding market. You can expect to receive 300 to 500 images depending on photographer’s packages. We tend not to sell on quantity of photos but rather on quality. Yes, we do provide sometimes 500 + images but they are all magazine quality. We sometimes have an additional photographer available depending on your packages choice. Keeping in mind that most photographers would gladly provide a second shooter. Some have assistants. We only use professional photographers. Coverage could be 8 to 10 hours. Some packages may include a print album. We include unlimited locations in our package. An online gallery is also available from us. Depending on your package we have the galleries up sometimes within 24 hours. Wedding photos can be also uploaded to Facebook and you can be tagged in it. We also create a slide show with music on some of our packages.

Upper wedding market – $3,000 to $5,000

This package normally consists of minimum 2 wedding photographers and even sometimes three. This is also determined by the size of your wedding. If you have 300-guest one photographer will have a hard time covering the wedding. The biggest wedding we have covered to date was 600 guests at one wedding. This normally have unlimited coverage. Include normally an album and album design. Online gallery is included. Can also be linked into our FACEBOOK LIKE page.

Top wedding Market – $5,000 -$10,000

I have found a few photographers that have made a name for them self’s but truly do not belong in this market. There are normally 2 photographers with unlimited coverage. Bridal album as well as parent’s albums is as a standard included. High resolution DVD may also be provided.

Additional costs:

  • Extras can include more hours of coverage, additional photographers, special albums or photo books, parent albums, or additional shoots (such as an engagement session). There can also be additional charge for canvas prints. Traveling, accommodation is normally also something to keep in mind. Most photographers that stay past an hour on the reception will require to be catered for with a main meal. Keep in mind we have worked 8 hours without a break.


  • Packages are provided as a guide. We will gladly adjust and look at custom make a package to suit your wedding and your budget. Most photographers prefer and appreciate a bride to be honest and fair on what their budget is. This saves both parties a lot of time and effort. If your budget is say only $3000 we now what our costing is and what we can provide for you.
  • Some photographers encourage pre-wedding scheduled payment plans at a discount. We collect as a standard 50% deposit up front. 40% a week before your wedding day and the 10% balance when you collect your proofs or album. Weddings are sometimes scheduled on weekdays or Sundays. Some photographers may offer discounts on off-days.
  • You can trim costs by hiring a professional just for the ceremony, or a limited amount of time at the reception. We include already all photos edited, sepia and black and whites at no additional charge. We also provide copyright release on the high-resolution disk. We do how ever encourage you to print at a lab we will refer you to. Main reason is there are some really shocking printers out there.
  • We provide all our clients with a free 30-minute Pregnancy studio shoot by one of our business partners when our bridal couple are expecting they’re first born baby. You are also welcome to use this offer just for the baby photography in Perth.We pay the studio cost and 5 (13 x 18 prints). Additional prints can be negotiated with them. Alternatively we will provide a studio couple shoot for your one-year wedding anniversary!

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