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Look Your Best in Your Perth Wedding Photographs

Your wedding promises to be one of the most magical and memorable days of your life. Selecting the very best Perth wedding photographers is one vital component of ensuring that every moment of your special day is captured forever. While experienced and skilled wedding photographers in Perth will make every effort to shoot the highest quality pictures possible, you can also take a few quick steps to ensure both you and your attendants look more beautiful and photogenic than you ever have before.

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Colors, Prints and Patterns

Wedding dresses are typically one solid color, often white or cream. Bridesmaid dresses, on the other hand, can be purchased in virtually any color or pattern you can imagine. For clear, quality photos with minimal static or noise, select gowns in solid, muted colors rather than vivid tones or patterned designs. Avoid stripes in particular, as they can be unflattering to many body shapes and the print itself can appear distorted in videos and photos.

Blues, greens and purples are flattering to almost any skin tone and these colors show well in finished photography. More and more brides are outfitting their attendants in black gowns of late, and a well-fitting black dress is both slimming and attractive. Overly shiny materials may be difficult to photograph well, and ornate beading or sequins may create distracting halos or glares under direct sunlight.

Hair and Makeup

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You very likely intend to contract professional hair and makeup services for your wedding day. Bringing your bridesmaids and other women likely to be prominently photographed along with you provides you all with a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon just before the excitement of the wedding itself and ensures your hairstyles and makeup are complementary and likely to photograph well.

Bear in mind that to appear your most gorgeous in photos, you will likely need to wear a bit more makeup than you would for everyday wear. A test run with your beautician before the big day is recommended so that you can make adjustments and changes as necessary. Bring a friend or family member with you to this appointment to take test photographs so you can get a reasonable idea of how you will appear in the pictures that matter.

Practice Makes Perfect

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By hiring a professional wedding photographer in Perth, you can rest assured you will be working with a skilled photographer who will be able to help you with poses, positioning, settings and lighting. However, scheduling an informal photo shoot beforehand can help you prepare by allowing you the chance to get more comfortable in front of the camera. In this way, you can find your best angles and facial expressions. Wedding photographers have packages available where you can have a “before the wedding” shoot. This is normally more informal but will give you the opportunity to relax as a wedding couple.

You should also be sure to note any special locations nearby you feel would make good backdrops. While the focus of your wedding photography in Perth should be on you, your groom and your families and attendants, attractive scenery can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary photographs. Do not hesitate to make suggestions if you have a particular idea in mind.

wedding photography in perth

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