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Why Every Bride Deserves a Professional Wedding Photographer in Perth

Your wedding day may be the single most expensive day of your life. Bridal magazines, wedding planners and even friends and family are likely to offer dozens of different suggestions to enjoy your magical day while cutting expenses as much as you can. Sadly, one of the first professional services people will suggest you eliminate is the professional wedding photographer. In Perth, wedding photography is on the decline as brides choose less expensive alternatives to traditional wedding photos.

Before deciding not to hire Perth wedding photographers, however, consider the benefits they offer. For many people, professional wedding photographers in Perth are not only a strong value; they may be the only way to truly capture the spirit, feeling and memories of your special day.

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Common Misconceptions about Professional Wedding Photography in Perth

Photographers are overpriced

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    The truth is, a qualified and experienced professional wedding photographer will command a high rate. In fact, this cost could make up a significant portion of your overall wedding budget. However, you must consider the overall value of the service and the finished product. Your wedding photos will become treasured heirlooms as soon as you receive them. They will be displayed proudly in your home, shared with friends and family, published with your wedding announcement and shown to children and grandchildren in the future. Photographs of such a significant moment in your life that will be so highly visible should be of the absolute best possible quality, not simple snapshots taken by a friend or family member.

Photography is not difficult; anyone can take pictures

  • While today’s digital cameras are small, inexpensive and easy even for a novice or child to operate, good photography is much more involved than simply pointing and shooting. The difference in quality between professional and amateur photographs can be astonishing. A professional wedding photographer in Perth has the expertise to make use of proper lighting, local scenery and settings and recommended poses to create the highest quality photographs. After all, you want to look your very best in your wedding photos. Amateur photography runs the risk of poor lighting, fuzziness or simply unflattering poses or settings.

No one looks at photographs anymore anyway

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    This is simply untrue. While digital photos have become ever more popular due to the rise in social media and Internet photo sharing, many people still place tremendous value on printed photographs. Framed photos are one of the most common decorative items in most homes. Photos can be given as gifts or taken to the office. Plus, today’s Perth wedding photographers will offer you both digital and print copies of your favourite photographs, so you can share them in person or online as you so choose.

Friends or family will take more personal and memorable photos

  • It has become more and more popular to place disposable cameras on guest tables, so that wedding guests can take photos of the proceedings from their own perspectives. There is no doubt this is effective, and the candid shots friends and family take can become priceless memories for everyone involved. However, this technique was never intended to replace professional photography entirely. Rather, the intention was to supplement standard professional photos and posed group shots with candid camera moments caught by guests.
  • Brides may find themselves very disappointed in the quality of these disposable camera pictures, particularly if the venue is poorly lit, cameras are not returned or no one captures special moments of the ceremony, such as the cake cutting or bouquet toss. A professional can be relied upon to capture the most special moments in a high quality way, despite distractions or poor lighting conditions. Combining this service with candid shots from guests ensures you have quality professional photographs of all your wedding’s most important moments.
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When taking into consideration all the above information and also all the time, effort and yes, cost that you have put into all the aspects of your day to make sure it is the magical day you have always longed for, it clearly shows why the memories of such a special day are deserving of the true value that is held within having a professional wedding photographer in Perth capture all the magic and beauty that is your wedding day, as the photos you will receive from them will truly hold their worth as time passes, within the endless beauty they portray and how every time you look upon them, frame by frame they are able to tell the wonderful story of your wedding day, as if taking you back to the day itself, refreshing all the warmth, love and pure joy that was felt by all, which makes them truly priceless indeed and definitely an investment worth making.


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