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Once upon a time, long, long ago you started to plan your wedding and now finally the big day is here … Your Wedding Day! After all the time and effort and definitely cost that you and your loved ones have put into creating the day of your dreams, make sure that you place the incredible importance of how the memories of your wedding day are captured within the reliable hands of a professional wedding photographer in Perth, for as easy as it may seem to just have a family member or friend capture the ‘big moment’, you could end up being left with so called memories that definitely do not do your amazing day any justice at all and even risk the possibility of being left with no memories of a day you have waited so long for, as you chose the less expensive alternative (which is also definitely the less experienced alternative) over a true master of their craft who will prove with the artful and beautiful photographs that you received, that they were well worth the investment that was placed within them.

Bride preperation

Touch of detail, your wedding photographer in Perth should pay attention to small details.

It is very important though that you do your homework regarding any professional wedding photographer you may be thinking of choosing, as you want to make sure they truly are passionate about their profession and driven by the need for excellence, as naturally there are some that say they are professionals, but are really only in the profession for the weekend work and think it is a fun job to have and then there are true professionals who love what they do with a passion and therefore any photo that they take is classed as an extension of who they are, therefore making sure every shot taken literally seems to have life itself placed within it, as they capture all the feelings and emotions within that moment which seem to spill out when you look upon each photo. Going to the wedding photographer’s site and seeing their work and reading their testimonials is a good place to start, but always make sure you speak with them personally and meet face-to-face with your professional wedding photographer and look through some of their portfolios and speak with them about what you are looking for in your photographs and the budget you have set. You will know when you have a true professional as they will be very helpful, understanding of your budget and will leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed due to their friendly and professional manner, leaving you with one less stress on your day to concern yourself with, as your special day should be stress free allowing you to fully enjoy and embrace the true joy of all that is happening around you.

The Limo ride ...

The Limo ride …

When it comes to taking all of this information in regarding how the memories of your special day will be captured and taking into consideration once again all the time, effort and money you have actually put into your amazing day, then it truly does make sense to have a professional in their craft to capture all that your beautiful wedding day portrays, as the photos that are taken will truly become treasured memories that over time will hold their own value due to their agelessness and ability to tell your beautiful story as if you were there all over again, no matter how much time has passed.



Bride and Groom with Perth Skyline

Our professional wedding photographers at ‘iWedding Photographer’ pride themselves on their talented, artful nature in which they capture your beautiful day and encase within each photograph all the warmth and emotion that is being felt at that very moment in time to have for all time! So please contact us and talk to one of our friendly staff about creating an album for you of your very own ‘fairy tale memories’ of your perfect wedding day!


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