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I can remember since I was a little boy I always was fascinated by photography and movies. Still today I would spend long hours watching movies and enjoying the creative cinematic camera work.



We started our first wedding related services as a high end video production company. Initially we took the market and were the number one provider on wedding videos after 5 years in the industry. The one problem we started encountering is that professional photographer’s started to charge very high fees for their services. This pushed a lot of our client away from us as they could not afford both wedding photographers and wedding videographers.

I loved what I did and started taking wedding photos to compliment our business. Initially our aim was to secure both services but soon discovered after winning a few international wedding photography awards, that we had a natural flair for wedding photography. Our company started to train up more of our videographers and photographers to be multi skilled. The advantage we had was that we could understand both mediums and adapt to it.

Initial we received inspiration and education from great photography friends. After a few years we managed to achieve a level of photography that was either on the same level or of a better quality. We know have great Masters like Jerry Ghionis as role models.

Our photography have taken us to countries like South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe ,India, Malaysia, Bali, Mauritius, Phuket and Bazaruto Islands. We take wedding pictures in Perth but service all areas of Australia. We travel anywhere in the world to take wedding pictures.

Traveling all over the world has given us the unique opportunity to take the most amazing landscape photos. We enjoy taking pictures of peoples interactions and just the general way of life in other countries. Our work has been published all over the world. We even had a few billboards in USA and Europe that proudly displayed some of our photography ART.

Our company in Australia have now reached a level where we have great photographers that enjoy their passion in wedding photography. Sure, we make a living of it, but what better job is there than doing what you love and getting paid at the same time for it!

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