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Wow! Now why would any professional wedding photographer and videographer in Perth  introduce “Just shoot my wedding”?

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Quote, simply put: “We want to have more bookings and work smarter”. Honest enough?

Do you require one of the best wedding photographers or videographers to shoot your wedding day but your wedding budget kind of blew out? Just shoot my wedding is designed for the Bride & Groom that wants the best but just can not afford it right now.

We offer a flexible, affordable and hassle-free offer to wedding photography and wedding videography in Perth and the rest of Australia. We are available to travel. We are award winning photographers and videographers.

We started “JUST SHOOT MY WEDDING”, as the last 5 out of 10 brides that came to us had a very tight budget but wanted a top wedding photographer. Their requirements were to get the footage and later edit it.

Once you have told us what your requirements are, we lock it all in, we make sure what was agreed upon is put in writing and get ready for your wedding!

We give you all the photos/video that we shot on the day. There are 2 options:

  • Just shoot my wedding photos!
  • Just film my wedding video!

We Just Shoot Your Wedding! Yes, you get a professional wedding photographer or videographer for your wedding day. What you get:

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  • 1 x Professional Wedding Photographer/Videographer, who is equipped with all the top professional equipment needed to shoot your wedding;
  • All the photos/footage taken on your wedding day. (There will be NO CULLING of images. This is raw.) (For video you will also get it converted to .mov files so you can do your own thing on iMovie);
  • We shoot from dressing of the groom, bride, church, photo session and reception. This means we will cover your wedding day until a maximum time of 22:00. (Limited to 14 hours of coverage, BUT 22:00 restriction applies);
  • Delivery in 1 week!

Total package : $1,550

Should you require a bit more…

  • Photography all day coverage : So you require minimum 400 images fully edited? No problem! We can do that for $ 2100. That is Full day coverage for less than $3000!
  • Video all day coverage : We can have the DVD for you fully edited and provide you with 3 copies for $2100.
  • Delivery on edited versions are 6 to 10 weeks. We can also create a Facebook Album for you for a “Quick Wedding view” for your friends and family that could not attend. If you hire our wedding video package in Perth, we can upload a short highlights clip onto our YouTube account *

What the additional costs are and what you do not get with “Just Shoot My Wedding” and not taking the full day coverage option:

  1. You provide us with a hard disk drive of at least 200GB (Preferably a new one, so we can partition for both MAC and PC). The condition of us shooting your wedding is that the hard disk drive is provided before or on your wedding day. If not, an additional cost of $120 for a hard disk drive of our choice will be supplied;
  2. Requests to shoot after 22:00 – an additional $200 per hour;
  3. Parking to be supplied;
  4. Flights and accommodation to be supplied (if required);
  5. Editing on Photos: $750 (If contracted);
  6. Editing of Video: $650 (If contracted);
  7. Per photo image editing cost is $4 with a minimum of 40 images to be edited;
  8. You collect the hard disk drive from us;
  9. Postage cost should it be required.(Normally around $20 in Australia)

What to do NEXT?

Fill out our CONTACT Sheet. Please mention of this page : Just Shoot My Wedding.

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